Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition – what’s that?..

In 2020 we partnered with Surefire publisher to create an updated and localized version of Cursed Treasure 2. And now it’s released in Steam and EGS. Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition on Steam Basically it was supposed to be the same Cursed Treasure 2 game with Chinese and other languages localization and a couple of … Read more

CT Level Pack interview and current stuff

Check out this quick interview with our CEO about the mobile version of Cursed Treasure Level pack. And an update on what we’re working on currently: Battalion Commander port – we plan to have HTML5 and mobile versions of both parts Takeover port – same platforms, hopefully this will allow us to make some … Read more

Cursed Treasure 2 Remastered (HTML5)

As you could notice, we started porting our Flash game hits to HTML5 using OpenFL to let them stay alive after the Flash player is finally banned. Using OpenFL allows to also create mobile versions of the games, as we did with Cursed Treasure and Cursed Treasure Level Pack. The most recent release of the … Read more

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is live!

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is now ported to HTML5 and mobile too, enjoy! 🙂 App Store: Google Play: Web (HTML5):

Cursed Treasure is now HTML5 and mobile

                 As you could hear, Flash player is going to be disabled in the browsers soon, so thousands of browser games will become unplayable. We want to save (at least some of) our games from this fate, so we decide to port them to HTML5. The first game to be ported is Cursed Treasure: Don’t … Read more

Tiny Bump – a game made with Unity Tiny

We made a simple physics puzzle with Unity Tiny. Our partner wanted to test the technology, so this is what we got: Play fullscreen It’s basically a HTML5 clone of Color Bump. Unity Tiny is still in Beta and has various issues so we had to do workaround several times. Plan to write more about … Read more

Cursed Treasure 3 is on hold

We haven’t posted about Cursed Treasure 3 progress for quite some time already and people are asking about the progress here and there, so here is the update. Cursed Treasure 3 development is on hold for almost a year already. The reason for that is simple – we run out of development budget and the … Read more

Cursed Treasure 2 iOS update

We have finished Cursed Treasure 2 iOS version update. It was supposed to be a simple rebuild to allow the game stay in the App Store, since there was no 64bit support and it would be removed soon. But instead of a simple recompilation we had to do quite some work. The code base of … Read more