Road Of Fury 4

Road Of Fury is a series of shooting games that started in 2013 as a Flash game. A couple of years ago we ported the game to HTML5 and in 2022 decided to make a new game. It started as a quick sequel, but then turned into a full-scale development because we wanted to improve … Read more

2022 Roundup

We didn’t post anything in 2022, so it’s time to get through the year’s highlights. Last year was hard. We had to focus on keeping ourselves alive (as a company). We changed the bank, since the bank that we used before had got under sanctions. We had to do other business-related things that distracted the … Read more

November Update

We have finally finished and released Jewel Monsters – a simple match-3 game where you fight the monsters by matching the gems of the same color with the monsters. Really simple mechanics, but the purpose of the game was to make a good basis for the future bigger match-3 game(s) that will have more complex … Read more

October update

In October we have finished and launched Battalion Commander on Google Play Store! We payed with the controls to achieve smooth gameplay experience on mobile devices. As a result, the game has better standard control schema where the squad follows the finger and an additional option with screen joystick. The iOS version is coming … Read more

September update

September was pretty busy for our team. One of the most important things this month: we have finished porting Takeover to mobile and released it on Google Play Store! There are some obvious issues, like the game interfaces are a bit too small on the phones, but it’s not that easy to fix… Really hope … Read more

August update

Hello! This is the second monthly development update about what happened here in August. First of all, we had a birthday! IriySoft was found on August 15 in 2005, so we’re 16 now! 🥳🎂🎉 Some of us had vacations, there were some health issues as well, so our projects progressed slow in August. Here is … Read more

July update

We do not post in the blog often, so I decided to make a monthly summary of what happened in the company. Hope such updates will be posted every month from now on 🙂 Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition Steam release is pushed back to early Autumn 2021. The publisher said they need more time … Read more