Tequila Zombies 3 Steam release!

We have just launched Tequila Zombies 3 on Steam. How it started. The guys who made the game said «all right, we can make a PC build of Tequila Zombies 3 — let’s do it and publish on Steam!» The game was made with Adobe AIR / Starling, so it seemed the porting wouldn’t not … Читать далее

Tequila Zombies: curious, obvious and unexpected facts

Mutant evolution I realized that Larry looks totally like IRL Miguel somewhere in the middle of Tequila Zombies 2 development. The first art sketch for Tequila Zombies. MP-40, dual desert eagle and guitar launcher weapons didn’t make it to the release.Vampire-female became the prototype for demon-waitress and demon-nurse and got horns. Zombocalypse game screenshot Tequila … Читать далее