About Us

IriySoft is an indie game development studio located in Bryansk, Russia. Starting from 2005, we make browser (HTML5) and mobile games. And Steam games too.

Our goal is to make good games. «Good» means that we can show our games to somebody or play ourselves and feel proud of what we have done. «Good» also means extra work to improve art, code and game balance, even if the budget is over and it’s high time we released the game. Does it work? You decide!


We are really good at browser games. We have also made several iOS and Steam projects and we plan to make more mobile and Steam stuff.

We are using multiplatform solutions where possible to target more platforms. Currently it’s OpenFL/HAXE and Unity. Though looks like the complete migration to Unity is imminent, especially if it starts to produce stable HTML builds 😉

Also using Phaser/TypeScript for HTML5-only projects.

Used in the past: Adobe Flash, Starling, J2ME.


The team size varies and usually it’s 7-12 people. We have coders, artists, game designers and project managers. Usually several roles are combined in one person since we are a small studio and can’t afford a full-time project manager, for example.

We had a small office, but in 2012 we moved to a bigger one, so now we have plenty of space and a table football %)

Working with us

We are open for new contract work deals, if you would like to make a game with us, please read about game production process below.

The first step is a game concept document — it’s a short game description, usually 1 page or less. It can be created based on the partner’s idea or we can brainstorm some ideas within our team and send to the partner for consideration.

When the game concept is approved, we make the game development time and cost estimation and negotiate it with the partner. A more detailed game design document can be also created if required.

When the time and budget are approved, we discuss the development and payment schedule and start working on the project 🙂

For more details, please contact us!


«IriySoft» was founded in August 2005. There were 7 of us. Or was it 8? Not sure about it now %) Anyway, we had worked in a bigger company back then, making mobile games in J2ME. We felt that we could do better and one day we had started a big mobile strategy game in our spare time for Nival Interactive. It was «Blitzkrieg» and we had been really happy with what we had done. The mobile market flourished those days and we left the company to make our own business. We made several mobile games (mostly TBS) and we actually were really cool… But the fragmentation and some other problems killed the mobile J2ME market. We wanted to survive and looked for other platforms so we decided to try Flash.

We explored the Web, looking for the Flash online gaming sites and mailed ’em all with cooperation offers. Soon we got several deals and started making Flash games. Our very first Flash game was a tilty bike game Bike Mania. It was pretty popular so we made a lot (dozens!) of tilty games based on that engine later. Our first partners were Flashgames247, AddictingGames and Miniclip.

Since then we have been evolving, making better, bigger and cooler games. We had ups and downs, some people joined us, some people left, but we always tried to keep it fun and fair. We only had worked for hire till 2009 when the indie game development started to bloom. There were a lot of incredible success stories from the indie game developers, FGL (Flash Games License) reported very tempting figures so we decided to try it too and created 3 independent games: Atom Heart (since we had a very good tilty engine), Aqua Dudes (since the physics puzzles were incredibly popular) and Cursed Treasure (since we had a Tower Defense engine too). Cursed Treasure was successful, and it was a real success: we had a good sponsorship deal with NotDoppler and the game became very popular — for example, it was the #1 rated game on Kongregate for almost a year!

Since 2009 we have been also trying to make something mobile for iOS. We made several small apps and created Cursed Treasure HD for iPad in cooperation with Ninja Kiwi. And later we ported Cursed Treasure 2 to iOS with Armor Games. We believe that mobile games are a good way to evolve our studio so you can expect more IriySoft games for iOS and Android soon!