Road Of Fury 4

Road Of Fury is a series of shooting games that started in 2013 as a Flash game. A couple of years ago we ported the game to HTML5 and in 2022 decided to make a new game. It started as a quick sequel, but then turned into a full-scale development because we wanted to improve … Read more

2022 Roundup

We didn’t post anything in 2022, so it’s time to get through the year’s highlights. Last year was hard. We had to focus on keeping ourselves alive (as a company). We changed the bank, since the bank that we used before had got under sanctions. We had to do other business-related things that distracted the … Read more

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is live!

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is now ported to HTML5 and mobile too, enjoy! 🙂 App Store: Google Play: Web (HTML5):