Cursed Treasure is now HTML5 and mobile


As you could hear, Flash player is going to be disabled in the browsers soon, so thousands of browser games will become unplayable. We want to save (at least some of) our games from this fate, so we decide to port them to HTML5. The first game to be ported is Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems, that is 9 years old btw!

We used OpenFL to port it and added some improved art assets from the iPad version that was created long ago. Here is what we got:


The game is now uploaded to many sites and Kongregate is among them. It was uploaded as a new game instead of replacing the existing Flash version to avoid the players losing their saved games. We thought the players may dislike the fact that we’re uploading the same game again and downvote it, but the opposite happened! The players were happy that the game is ported to HTML5 and it even made it to the 2nd place in the monthly game contest. And it was really close to becoming #1!

That was really cool! And since OpenFL allows mobile app builds too, we ported the game to iOS and Android too and published it in the stores recently. The game is free with ads, you can find it here:

App Store:
Google Play:

4 thoughts on “Cursed Treasure is now HTML5 and mobile”

  1. Yes Cursed Treasure 2 Remastered is looking good! There appears to be a small bug in gameplay (I am playing on Kongregate). It happens randomly to me or at least I can’t understand a pattern. The game auto-pauses. You are playing and suddenly the pause screen pops up and play stops. Happens once every four or five games/levels for me. Not really a problem, you just click to dismiss and continue. Don’t know if anyone else experiences it. Never happens in CT2 flash version.

    You don’t have the “Enemies Killed By a Single Meteor” achievement for CT2R on Kongregate!

    Suggestion for a game badge? You have “Tastes Like Chicken”. You could also have “Order of Chicken” or “Hot Chicken To Go”: Have a temple defeat a champion while they are turned into a chicken.


    • Hey, thanks! The auto-pause you described may be caused by some focus lose that in turn is usually caused by clicking outside the game. But it also may be caused by some pop-ups that may be even blocked by browser so you won’t see it, but the game loses focus anyway.

      Thanks for the suggestions! It may happen that we’ll add content to CT2 and any ideas may be useful.

  2. Hey that’s very cool. Compliments and congrats. I hope you will also port Cursed Treasure 2! Definitely have enjoyed that game. By the way, I am your CT2 high score holder on Kongregate. “Enemies Defeated With Single Meteor”: 321. Yes I am crushing it. :o)


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