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  1. I love Cursed Treasure 1 and the level pack! I’ve played them so many times! Thank you for porting them both to Android! 😀

    Also, I really hope that you can port them to Steam in the future, I bought Cursed Treasure 2 there just cause I love the first ones and wanted to support you guys 🙂

    … And maybe consoles? I think your games would do great on Switch! 😀


  2. At long last! I’m not overly fond of CT2 (no offence; just way too cartoonish for me), but I’ve played through CT1 and the level pack like 15-20 times. Thanks for porting it to mobile.

    One small nitpick: is the lack of floating damage text intended? Seems a tad weird to get rid of it, so I’m just asking out of curiosity.

    Thanks and best of luck in your future endeavors!


  3. Awesome! I just downloaded this on my android tablet a little bit ago. I can’t wait to play this game again! I know it’s a long shot, but any thoughts about porting this (Don’t Touch My Gems and the Level Pack) over to console? I’d buy this game on PS4 in a heartbeat. I like the 2nd one as well, and would probably pick that up if it was on PSN as well, but I’m always more addicted to this one for some reason. I know someone ported Battalion Commander for you (which is another great game that I purchased on my PS4, by the way), and would love to see Don’t Touch My Gems get the same treatment.


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