Cursed Treasure 2 Remastered (HTML5)

As you could notice, we started porting our Flash game hits to HTML5 using OpenFL to let them stay alive after the Flash player is finally banned. Using OpenFL allows to also create mobile versions of the games, as we did with Cursed Treasure and Cursed Treasure Level Pack. The most recent release of the HTML5 port is Cursed Treasure 2. This time it’s different though — we had the mobile version already and ported it to HTML5, so it’s rather a port of the mobile game than Flash.

The mobile project is pretty old and the resources (images) update pipeline doesn’t work anymore, so we had to avoid changing the art. This caused some issues, but anyway it was easier than restoring the pipeline. Some old bugs were fixed while porting and testing and we made mana bottles collection easier: they auto-collect at the end of each wave and may fill up mana above the limit. In addition, all the drops except for the scrolls is now collected with mouse hovering, that made scrolls mis-clicks almost impossible.

This made the skill that increases mana limit less important, but we still believe this made the game better. Besides:

  • mana pools and regular mana replenishment won’t work if the mana limit is reached
  • it’s now much easier to collect mana bottles and coins and scroll mis-clicks are now less possible
  • we believe that if your mana reached the limit and you are increasing it further with bottles for a long time, it indicates that there is an issue in the level design — the player should spend mana, if he/she doesn’t need to, then the level design is not good (unless you’re replaying levels after upgrading some skills)

The game was re-released on Kongregate and was accepted pretty warm there:

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  1. Hey, I was played cursed treasure 2 on Crazy Games, and I completely finished the game, but it shows that I still have three levels to finish. Is that a bug, or is there an Easter egg there?


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