Cursed Treasure 2 iOS update

We have finished Cursed Treasure 2 iOS version update. It was supposed to be a simple rebuild to allow the game stay in the App Store, since there was no 64bit support and it would be removed soon. But instead of a simple recompilation we had to do quite some work.

The code base of the game is quite old (the last build was done in 2015) so it didn’t want to compile with our current OpenFL development environment set up. It took some time to fix all the issues and then… we got a build with all the texts shifted and cut 😱

So we spent some time more to find and fix all the text issues. Now it’s finished, uploaded and live %)

18 thoughts on “Cursed Treasure 2 iOS update”

  1. Hello

    I will change all the maps and the enemy waves too

    As I said, building new maps take me some times because I’m using Tiled and once the map is done
    I need to translate manually by editing each line (tiles, objects, entrances and gems) then I need to change the Xml datas for spawnerDef mission 1, 2, 3 etc…

    It will take some times for me to do all the job, please be patient
    Once all will be made and tested, I will send you all the xml files (by the way, do you have a mail where I can send you the files ?)

    Your task will be to change the Map Screen because I can’t do this by myself

    Have a good day and thanks again to let me do some maps for your great game

  2. thanks for your answer

    Ok, I will time to time make some new maps
    once all the 21 maps will be done and tested
    I would share them, you can make a kind of level pack like the first version

    Have a good day and thanks again

    • So do you modify the levels only, or the enemy waves too? What about the buildings? Really curious 🙂

      I believe we can release the version with your edits, if it will be good for publishing.

  3. Hello Again and thanks for your answer

    Yes, it would be so great to play some new maps
    I spent some times to create the first new map, i’m very happy, and I would like so much to create more, it’s a true passion for me to do this.
    Here the new map (well balanced in my opinion)

    I’m confused because maybe you don’t want someone change your game code, if it’s the case,just tell me, and I will stop making some new maps for your game.

    I don’t do this for any profit, just to enjoy this game even more.

    if you could help me with your development tool (for maps), I will be very grateful.
    because with my work, I do not have the opportunity to concentrate a lot of time doing this manually

    Have a good day

    • No problem, you can change the levels. If you don’t get direct profit from the game or modify the links, ad code or branding then it’s ok I believe.
      We do not have a map editor – the maps were done in Flash (as far as I remember).

  4. Hello from france
    I fell in love with your game Cursed treasure 2, Finished this games many times
    my wife also adore your game

    I’ve been waiting years for maybe see some extra levels unfortunately not 🙁
    that’s why I tried to examine and reproduce the first map partially

    everything goes well, I do understand how it works
    unfortunately as it, it will be time consuming to modify the map.xml to match your engine (28*23= 644 lines to change)

    because i’m using actually Tiled, and the xml export give me something like this:

    your map contain all the detailed tiles inside

    changing all the grass,snow,rock ect.. to match the created maps is painful

    that’s why if possible, I would like to know if there’s a way to get a tips from the original coders and designers to have an export with minimum modifications inside to do

    of course, I can’t create new characters, but more maps would be great for all the community and I feel myself able to do this

    kind of candy crush saga episodes created by some peoples outside

    thanks a lot for this wonderful game, tower defense were not my favorite games until cursed treasure 2 shows me the opposite

    Have a good day and Bravo

  5. Hello, from South Korea.
    Have any plans about [King’s Guard] iOS update?
    I really like that game and wanna play phone or Nintendo switch etc.
    can’t find guest book so I write on this field. sorry 😉

    • Hello! We do think about porting King’s Guard to some new platforms (with an update ofc) – the game definitely has potential. No resources yet, but hope it happens one day 🙂

  6. Thank you! One of the best TD games on the app store. Extra levels (in-app purchase) would be welcome!

    All the best.


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