July update

We do not post in the blog often, so I decided to make a monthly summary of what happened in the company. Hope such updates will be posted every month from now on 🙂

Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition Steam release is pushed back to early Autumn 2021. The publisher said they need more time to prepare the promo activities to support the release. The game itself was ready for release in mid-Spring that was the original release date.

We’ve almost finished working on the Gods Of Arena update that includes game re-balance, a few new items, several new unique quests, funny animated cut-scenes after each arena fight and some fixes/improvements.

Takeover and Battalion Commander, that were ported to HTML5 earlier, are now being ported to mobile and we hope to release them on the mobile stores soon.

Battalion Commander was also ported to Yandex.Games that is a fast evolving online gaming platform with new features being added regularly. Yandex added international version recently, before that they were focused on the Russian audience. The games had to be localized to Russian (unless they are really simple) to be eligible for the platform.

New stuff

Battalion Commander 1917

We started creating the art for the new Battalion Commander game installment long ago, but didn’t have resources to make the actual game. Now it’s in development and getting shape. So it’s going to be the Battalion Commander game set in World War 1 setting with several new enemies, weapons and mechanics.

Jewel Monsters

This is going to be a simple match-3 game where the player fights monsters by making matches. There is nothing special in this game, except for the fact that we plan to use the engine (when it’s ready) to create a more complex game — something similar to King’s Guard.

(yet) Unnamed hidden object game

We realized recently that our coders are busy with porting and other stuff that doesn’t require art or animations and our artists do not have any tasks to do. So we decided to start a new game that would require more art and less coding, and a hidden object game looks like a good fit. At this point we only have the art for the first room, hope to add more content during August.

Cursed Treasure — another Level Pack!

Apparently, people still enjoy playing good old Cursed Treasure, so we decided to create a new level pack that will have 15 new levels and some new features and improvements, namely:

  • Underground passages — the enemies will be able to use underground shortcuts. They will be invulnerable when underground (though the Meteor spell will either still damage them or there will be a new skill to let it damage them).
  • (maybe) Flying units — similar to part 2. There will be paths that only flying units can take (like water)
  • Several new units, probably with new abilities
  • Updated game balance, including the stats of Level 2+ units and Champions.
  • New skills that will replace some of the existing ones

That’s it for now, please visit our Twitter for updates — we post more often there 🙂

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