Cursed Treasure 2 iOS update

We have finished Cursed Treasure 2 iOS version update. It was supposed to be a simple rebuild to allow the game stay in the App Store, since there was no 64bit support and it would be removed soon. But instead of a simple recompilation we had to do quite some work. The code base of … Read more

Tequila Zombies: curious, obvious and unexpected facts

Mutant evolution I realized that Larry looks totally like IRL Miguel somewhere in the middle of Tequila Zombies 2 development. The first art sketch for Tequila Zombies. MP-40, dual desert eagle and guitar launcher weapons didn’t make it to the release.Vampire-female became the prototype for demon-waitress and demon-nurse and got horns. Zombocalypse game screenshot Tequila … Read more

DevGAMM trip

We’re back from DevGAMM. It was a great experience because we showcased our game at a conference for the first time in the history of IriySoft! Day 0 – Pre-Party We went to Minsk by car – it was a whole day trip, we arrived in the evening and were a bit tired, but went … Read more

Gods Of Arena – rise and fall on Kongregate

Our latest release is a Flash game called Gods Of Arena. You can play it on Newgrounds: It’s a management game with a bit of action. You own a gladiator house and your goal is to build strong gladiators team, fight in the arena and complete side quests to earn extra stuff. The game … Read more