August update

Hello! This is the second monthly development update about what happened here in August.

First of all, we had a birthday! IriySoft was found on August 15 in 2005, so we’re 16 now! 🥳🎂🎉

Some of us had vacations, there were some health issues as well, so our projects progressed slow in August. Here is a quick news list on the upcoming releases:

  • Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition. We are still waiting for the releas date confirmation from the publisher and yet there is no clear information from them 🙁 Hope to have some news about this game soon, since it’s ready and we’re really excited to release it!
  • Jewel Monsters match-3 game development is suspended, but we plan to get back to it in September.
  • Takeover mobile version is almost ready, we’re testing it now and it should be released on Android and then on iOS really soon.
  • Same goes for Battalion Commander mobile — hope to release it in September!
  • Another game to be updated soon if Gods Of Arena. We’ve added a few new items, several unique quests and re-balanced the game. There are some small improvements and funny cut scenes as well.

Now the games that deserve more details (and screenshots):

Battalion Commander 1917

The game comes together really well. The game is similar to the previous installments, but we’ve added some new mechanics and the WWI units and vehicles look really cool.

We are working on finalizing all the new enemies, upgrades and features and plan to start balancing it soon.

Hidden Object game

In August we focused on making more locations for the game. Now it’s time to make the game concept that will describe the game story and goals, list the locations and define the game scope. We were working on the art only, but hope we can start working on the code soon!

Cursed Treasure 1.5 (or maybe 1.25…)

In July we finished the new features and enemies and made new levels (that are not yet playtested though, so most probably will be changed). So now we can confirm that the game will have the following:

  • Caves that allow enemies to move underground protected from towers and spells
  • Flying enemies — will work same as in Cursed Treasure 2
  • Jumping enemies that can jump over 1 tile thick walls (!)
  • There will be 3 gems instead of 5, similar to Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition
  • Same for the level ratings: Brilliant if all gems saved (may be touched), Excellent is 2 saved, Good if 1 saved.
  • The skill that adds an extra fake gem that doesn’t count if the enemies snatched it 😉

In September we’ll work on the game balance and levels art, that may take quite some time.

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  1. Love all the cursed treasure games.
    Would like to know if the new games will give a chance to exploit a strategy. Allow an opponent to pick up a gem that’s far from the nest, then curse with fear so they carry the gem back to the cave in confusion. Unfortunately, the strategy doesn’t work because I cannot tell my towers to hold fire and the enemy is killed before they can take it back.

    Wondering if you can add a hold fire, but perhaps that is too tricky. Alternatively, maybe the Fear curse should not cause the enemy to run back to the nest as that does not really make sense.

    Looking forward to the ultimate edition. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for your comment! I think that «hold fire» feature may make the game less strategic since the player will have to keep an eye on the towers to turn fire on and off in time to achieve the best outcome… In fact, we were thinking of making the enemy drop the gem as soon as he/she is feared — this would make Fear less powerful and make the player rely on the towers more than on the Terror spell.

  2. I’ve been playing the game for some time and you really need to balance the experience gain — I’m stuck at the last map going for all brilliants and would really need some leveling up. I need some skills and at level 22 I require to 2200 exp points to get 3 skill points. Getting the «Overlord» achievement seems impossible — you earn like 600 exp for the highest levels on brilliant, so that would mean replaying each level a dozen of times. It’s a grind. Check how it goes for Cursed treasure 2 — the exp increased significantly each higher level and all in all you just got the skills you needed with little grinding. Here it’s not worth it.

    • Hi! The ranks system is redesigned so that the player won’t have all the skills on the latest levels. At the same time the balance is designed so, that the later levels can be finished with Brilliant rating without haveing all the skills maxed. So there is a challenge and it may also require to re-arrange the skill points to beat the later levels on Brilliant without grinding. At the same time some players may want to grind to have more skill points to make the later levels easier to beat. Same goes for the Skulls — they are not required, but some players may want to use them in case of trouble to get over difficylty moments in the game.

      As for the «Overlord» achievement — yes, it’s hard to get, but this is one of the hardest achievements in the game, so it should be… hard 🙂


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