Road Of Fury 4

Road Of Fury is a series of shooting games that started in 2013 as a Flash game.

A couple of years ago we ported the game to HTML5 and in 2022 decided to make a new game. It started as a quick sequel, but then turned into a full-scale development because we wanted to improve many aspects of the game. As a result, we’ve been working on the Road Of Fury 4 for months and the game is almost ready, yet needs a good amount of balancing.

The game will have 30 levels, 3 bosses, 6 cars and a good load of enemies with unique and fun abilities.

At this time, the development is paused, but we plan to get back to it soon, finish the balancing, do bug fixing and polishing and finally release the game. So expect it in early 2024!

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  1. Ожидать ли Tequila Zombies 3 фикс или какое-нибудь новое обновление (длс?)
    Очень люблю эту серию игр, но очень короткая.. и забагованная.

  2. Отлично! Я бы сыграл… но… У-у-у-пс, извините, данная игра недоступна в вашем регионе


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