October update

In October we have finished and launched Battalion Commander on Google Play Store!


We payed with the controls to achieve smooth gameplay experience on mobile devices. As a result, the game has better standard control schema where the squad follows the finger and an additional option with screen joystick. The iOS version is coming soon…

Other things:

  • Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition. We finally have the update on the release date. Due to various things on the publisher’s side it is now scheduled for release in February 2022. Most probably it will be released on Steam and Epic Game Store at the same time.
  • Gods Of Arena update is still waiting for QA and debugging round…
  • Takeover. We spent some time improving the in-game tutorial and preparing the iOS release. Hope to finish it really soon!
  • Site-locks. We worked a lot in October on spreading our games on as many HTML5 monetization channels, as possible. As a result, several games were uploaded to GameMonetize, GamePix, Yandex Games, and of course GameDistribution. Each portal has it’s own API to be integrated and a set of required proo-materials, so it takes time.
  • Battalion Commander 1917 is still being developed. Started as a reskin in WW1 setting it already became something bigger with new mechanics, enemies and weapons.

Cursed Treasure 1½

The game has got name — it will be Cursed Treasure 1.5!

Current progress: the balancing is in progress, we have 6 levels finished and 9 are to be done. Balancing is a slow process, and combined with the other activities, it goes slow.

Jewel Monsters

The game is playable and it it seems that all the features that we wanted to have are there. Including the comic-style tutorial.

Now it needs polishing and balancing, that we hope to go through soon! Here is how the gameplay look at the moment:

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