September update

September was pretty busy for our team. One of the most important things this month: we have finished porting Takeover to mobile and released it on Google Play Store! There are some obvious issues, like the game interfaces are a bit too small on the phones, but it’s not that easy to fix… Really hope we can improve the game further by re-designing the interfaces, improving the AI and adding new content. Can’t do it right now though… The iOS bersion is coming soon too ofc!

Among other things:

  • Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition. The publisher informed us that they would like to release the Steam version along with Epic Games Store version. We have that ready, but didn’t have a chance to test it since it’s not that easy as with Steam. Fortunately, EGS launched self-publishing service, that the publisher has successfully applied to, but still there is some delay with legal docs so that we still can’t use it… Hope it’s resolved soon!
  • Battalion Commander mobile version is now in internal QA. We played around with the controls and now have the version that is the best (so we think 🙂 ).
  • Cursed Treasure 1⅓ (a new level pack to the 1st Cursed Treasure) gas all it’s features in place and the next step is balancing and adding new art.
  • Battalion Commander 1917 is in a good shape as well and is now being balanced and debugged.
  • Gods Of Arena update is going through the internal QA too (so we have a lot of testing tasks atm). Hope to release it this month!

Jewel Monsters

In September we had a chance to continue the development and we implemented a cool feature — the monsters on the top of the screen are not just appearing from transparency, but the screen is moving through the forest towards them. Didn’t have a chance to record a video, hopefully next time!

Hidden Object game

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough resources to work on the game engine, though the artist is making some new content if he has free time. This happens from time to time since we need much more coder resources atm.

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  1. This is a legendary game, it’s actually my favorite game out of all the flash ones, Gods of Arena is close though. I will forever dream of the day that multiplayer is added into this game, and some other stuff such as playing the Rivadis Empire and new content. Thanks for making this game!

  2. Beautiful pictures! But I thought that the main necromancer would be a man with a skull on his head and a dark purple bone sword in his hand! That’s how I imagined this chapter! THANK YOU FOR MY CHILDHOOD!!! And yes, and where to play now?? Flash is no longer available


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