November Update

We have finally finished and released Jewel Monsters — a simple match-3 game where you fight the monsters by matching the gems of the same color with the monsters. Really simple mechanics, but the purpose of the game was to make a good basis for the future bigger match-3 game(s) that will have more complex gameplay and metagame. Actually we had King’s Guard in mind.

The forest that you walk through from monster to monster was not initially planned — we wanted to make the game really simple, the monsters were supposed to appear from transparency on the static background one by one. But then the developer said «what if…» and the magic started 🙂 So we ended up with nice isometric forest walking. To be honest, there is an itch to make a non-match-3 game using this ‘engine’ now… Hope to make something on top of Jewel Monsters next year!

Other projects

  • Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition is still scheduled for February 2022. Looks like it will be released in Steam and the EGS release will be delayed since the publisher still can’t get access to the EGS self-publishing tools, so we can’t make the EGS build. We plan to make the final game balancing round in January to make the game slightly easier, because there are reports from testers that the game is a bit too hard.
  • Battalion Commander 1917 is still being balanced and debugged — we have underestimated it for sure. On of the reasons is: it’s based on the old Battalion Commander 1 and 2 codebase that has some issues that we had to address. And we’re adding new enemies and features as the development goes further because it’s needed to make the game more fun and balanced. Looks like the game will be finished in early 2022.
  • Gods Of Arena update is still not ready (!) One of the reasons is that we got some strange issues with Firebase configuration, that required several round of chatting with Google support to address them. On top of that, for some unknown reason Unity Ads keep playing test ad blocks in the updated build — we need to fix it to be able to release the update.
  • Also in progress: iOS release of Takeover and Battalion Commander, various site-locks to better spread our browser games and improve the income, New Year celebration preparations 🙂

Cursed Treasure 1½

The current stage is: we have all the (15) levels designed and balanced. They need further balance polishing though and it will take some time. And there is a list of bugs and features that need to be fixed and implemented (hope to implement features and fix bugs, not vice versa!!!). Taking into account the New Year hassle, we believe that the game will be ready for release in late January 2022.

Good news: the last level will have the shape of the skull!

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  1. I was playing cursed treasure 2 on coolmath games (rebranded as defense of the wilds 2 for american audiences) and realized that the game wasnt complete. Are there any plans to add the final 3 levels and badges? I 100% what was already there, or atleast what I could until I realized I couldnt get the last 18 stars and 3 badges. Also one of the badges that can still be accessed (the defeat 50 enemies underwater) isnt shown on the badges menu despite being unlockable and adding onto the badge number.

  2. I can’t wait for CT2 to be finished! I have loved CT ever since 1 came out, and still play it almost daily. One thing though: I’m not sure about the new Brilliance score… It made it just so much more special to only get that when the gems are all untouched. It’s still «Don’t touch my gems» to me 😉

    • Yes, it was a tough decision, because «don’t touch my gems!» was the game’s motto from the very beginning of it… But it makes the game more fun! We’re working on the final balancing right now and plan to have it ready for release by the end of February btw.

  3. Jewel Monsters is a cute little game. Nice job. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Two suggestions, if you would like some feedback: (1) Choice to begin/start at a higher level. (2) I don’t know if this is a feature, I only played to level 11. But I would like to encounter two monsters at the same time. Personally, I think it’s fine if a higher level is very hard, and you fail. Nice job with the game overall.

    Oh and I think maybe there’s a bug in the Cursed Treasure 2 demo on Steam. If you finish a level and then immediately try to replay that same level, the game quits. This happened to me a couple of times.

    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback, especially on CT2 deme, as we are working on preparing the game for release.

      Jewel Monsters: ofc, if/when we build a bigger game, it will have a map. The levels will be tuned better than it is now — the current version has auto-generated levels, so they may be not properly balanced.
      Two monsters: good idea, thanks! In fact we already have a list of the possible features for the further extended version(s). It also includes boss monsters, shields, bonuses, traps and other fun features 😉

    • Couldn’t reproduce the crash bug for Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Demo… Could you please provide more details? What is your desktop setup, which level exactly was it, which mode (night or day), did you win or lose before the level was restarted? Was it full screen mode or windowed? How many levels were unlocked when it happened? Thanks!

      • Hi.

        System: Win 10 Pro 64 build 19041.1415. It’s an older Pentium Dual Core, LGA 775 socket with 8GB RAM.

        Game: Windowed. Level 2 Day, with Level 1 complete (Brilliant) only. After a Win on L2 with 2 stars (not Brilliant) I clicked to replay L2 immediately and the game quit.

          • Yes you are welcome. You make great games and I have enjoyed CT for many years. I’m sad that flash support ended.

            One other possible bug/suggestion:

            If there is a gem dropped between the boss (at least, the General in L4) and the exit, and there are no other enemies to pick up the dropped gem, the boss turns around and goes backwards towards the exit to pick up the dropped gem, then the boss turns around and goes to the gem cave again, to get the rest of the gems. Possibly you want the boss to always go to the gem cave, since they will carry off all the gems anyway?

            BTW, I didn’t even know the word «vicegerent», and English is my native language. I thought it was a typo, for «vice-regent». :o)

          • The enemies just go to the nearest gem. It doesn’t work well for the bosses who collect all the gems from the level, indeed. Not sure if we’ll be able to change it though — the path finding is a gentle thing that we better don’t touch :))

            «Vicegerent» should be «viceroy» maybe — does it make sense? «vice-regent» sounds good too, thanks.

            Still couldn’t reproduce the crash… Does it still happen? How was the level 2 restarted — from the map? Which skills were purchased after Level 1? Thx.

          • Yes viceroy is good.

            Yes, restart from the map. All 3 into Ancestral Wisdom. I haven’t seen that crash again but I haven’t been doing the same thing. I can start a new game and see if it’s reproducible. If it is, I’ll post again.

            Can you get through L4 Night with 18 skill points??? L4 Night mode seems very hard to win, if you play sequentially 1 -> 4 Day then 1 -> 4 Night.

          • I take it back. It is definitely possible to get Brilliant on L4 Night with 18 skill points. Totally on me, level is fine. I was just playing the maps the way I played the flash version, and the maps are a little bit different now.

            But I did get a crash again. Unexpectedly. I reset skills then clicked L4 then clicked Night and the game crashed.

          • OMG. So no skills were distributed this time?
            Could you please launch the game from command line, as described below, and send the crash info, that will appear in the command line window if the game crashes?

            1. Launch Steam, go to Library, Right click Cursed Treasure 2 Demo and go to Manage -> Browse local files. Explorer with the game folder will open.

            2. Click the explorer status bar on the top and copy the game folder location to clipboard. In my case it’s

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition Demo

            3. Click Windows Home button and start typing ‘cmd’. Then launch cmd.exe that is a command line terminal.

            4. In cmd window type ‘cd ‘ then paste the game folder path that you copied on Step 2. In my case the command is

            cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition Demo

            Press Enter, the terminal command line prompt should change to the game folder path.

            5. Now launch the game from command line by typing the exe file name and pressing Enter. The game exe file name is «cursed-treasure-2.exe»

            6. The game should launch and in the command line terminal you’ll see the game’s debug output. When the game crashes, there should be crash details in that terminal. When it happens, please copy the text and send it to me, it may help us fix and issue.

  4. Hello. I’m Korean Player.
    I played all Cursed Treasure series(including 2 ultimate demo), and I want to play series 1.5.
    What devices(iOS, Android, Steam, etc) will I play series 1.5? I want to play it with Steam or Android(I don’t have iphone 🙁 )

  5. -Dear Iriysoft
    Hi I am from Indonesia and I am really a fan of ur games like Cursed Treasure. I have a question:
    Wow ur games are great! but could all of your games installed in vivo phone? thanks! -Abby-

  6. Dear Iriy Soft!
    I sent a letter 2 months ago, but unfortunately it disappeared. That’s why I’m writing again.
    I watch with great joy and excitement as my childhood favorite video game studio is completelyt revived!
    Thanks for the exciting updates and new games announced and made so far, which will be nailed me to the screen again!
    It’s a pleasure for me that one of my favorite video game franchises that came from you is getting rich with another installment (BC 1917, CT 1/2). I would also like to thank you for creating the TakeOver as an app.
    I have only one thing to worry. Why did you delete your games from the European region in the App Store?
    The bad thing is have a lot of games coming now and we won’t be able to play any of them …
    But I still want to express my gratitude to you for the many happy moments you have caused and will cause to me with your work!

    Sorry if the wording or spelling is wrong

    • Hi! It’s a pity that the e-mail didn’t come through — it could go to spam, but I check spam folder regularly not to miss anything that is not a spam 🙂
      Didn’t delete any games though… Which are deleted?

      • Hello! Thanks for the reply first!
        Maybe I was inattentive and didn’t send the message right, but it eventually became redundant. And the fact that only Apple made a mistake is reassuring! I hope your games will be back soon and will be fully accessible to everyone again.
        And also another tipp: The gameplay of Jewel Monsters is very good, but in the long run it would be possible to put in a few Boss or a scoreboard by designing a player level or so a scoreboard to which they make a system about score.

        • Thanks! So far the only suggestion from Apple support was to clean the browser cache 🤦‍♂️
          Jewel Monsters is a really simple game — we wanted to make the engine and release the minimum playable game asap. Next step is to build something bigger using this engine — something like King’s Guard maybe.

          • Do I think this is really just a test game to test your engine strength?
            Because it’s not a bad game, it might just be my problem to see in each game what could be improved in it, and not what they intended and I weighed against. (I wrote this part with a compiler so it could be a wrong wordin)
            King’s Guard was a very good game and if they made a similarly good game it would make everyone gratulation. But moving it to HTML would also be great. In the new game engine, I hope they will make great titles later and release them out of your hands!

          • It’s not a test game — it’s more like a first step to a bigger game. And we made it so that it can be released as a finished (yet small) product 🙂

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