Cursed Treasure 2 iOS update

We have finished Cursed Treasure 2 iOS version update. It was supposed to be a simple rebuild to allow the game stay in the App Store, since there was no 64bit support and it would be removed soon. But instead of a simple recompilation we had to do quite some work.

The code base of the game is quite old (the last build was done in 2015) so it didn’t want to compile with our current OpenFL development environment set up. It took some time to fix all the issues and then… we got a build with all the texts shifted and cut 😱

So we spent some time more to find and fix all the text issues. Now it’s finished, uploaded and live %)

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  1. Thank you! One of the best TD games on the app store. Extra levels (in-app purchase) would be welcome!

    All the best.


  2. Hello from Canada! Love the game 🙂
    Keep up the great work!


  3. Hello, from South Korea.
    Have any plans about [King’s Guard] iOS update?
    I really like that game and wanna play phone or Nintendo switch etc.
    can’t find guest book so I write on this field. sorry 😉


    1. Hello! We do think about porting King’s Guard to some new platforms (with an update ofc) – the game definitely has potential. No resources yet, but hope it happens one day 🙂


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