Cursed Treasure 3 got 3 levels

Haven’t posted for quite some time, because posts need time. I mean a proper big blog post. But then we thought that if we are waiting for the moment when we have enough time to write a “proper” blog post, there will be no posts at all. So we will try to make smaller posts more often from now on.


Good news! Cursed Treasure 3 now has 3 levels and a boss. Along with a lot of interfaces implemented. So we decided to submit it to a local dev contest – GTP Indie Cup. Here is the contest game page:

There were public votes on this contest, but it was cancelled because of cheating – some devs started to downvote other projects so the contest supervisors decided to cancel voting and let the professional jury evaluate the games.

Oh by the way, we made a quick video of 3 levels gameplay. The contest page is in Russian only, so in case you can’t find the link on the project page, here you go:

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  1. Hi there, I’ve probably finished every Cursed Treasure game on Kongregate several times over. CT1 and CT2 are excellent examples of a tower defence game that has a great balance between action and being able to enjoy the changing tides of your level, the fruit of your labour, so to speak. You could place towers and cast spells and get caught up in overwhelming waves of mobs but you still had moments to just enjoy watching the mobs get destroyed and generally watch the movement of the game. I purchased CT2 on Steam recently, knowing that I would get many more hours of fun gameplay, while supporting CT3.

    However, seeing this alpha footage is really disappointing. It just looks like it plays like Kingdom Rush. I was never able to get into KR because there’s too much micromanaging. If I was into that, I’d just play an actual RTS. The art has lost a lot of its previous charm. I don’t regret purchasing CT2 at all but I don’t think I’ll be picking this up. But I wish you all the best with CT3.

    • Hi! Thanks for playing Cursed Treasure and thanks for your post. We keep receiving negative feedback from the players regarding the heroes management in CT3 demo (both as comment to the video and at the game showcases where we had people playing the alpha build). So we plan to revise the features of CT3 and probably remove the heroes (maybe not completely but to the point where the players won’t need to manage them directly). The development is still on hold, but we will make these changes for sure if/when we are able to continue! The art style will stay the same though, we want to create dark atmosphere in part 3, but we’ll polish and improve it further.

  2. А будет ли решение для браузера, или как модно сейчас, только смартфона? Можно ли протестировать альфу или бету?

    • Целевая платформа у нас – Steam. Для браузера версии точно не будет – игра слишком большая уже сейчас. Публичной альфа-версии у нас нет. Вообще сейчас разработка приостановлена – кончился бюджет, будем пытаться искать финансирование 🙂

    • Скорее наоборот. Многие механики остались ещё из первой части, а она была выпущена, когда Kingdom Rush ещё и в проекте не было 😉

  3. Кстати, а русская локализация будет? Для первых и второй тоже хотелось бы… 🙂

  4. I am a big fan of RTS game and I have been replaying one of your classic games called “Takeover”, I would like to ask will you make a rework version of it? The units and spell systems in that game are interesting and fun to play with, the only down side is the game was way too easy 😛 An improvement on the AI control with an addition of defensive structure system will be great

  5. I love cursed treasure 1 & 2 but I think it is a bad idea to add playable guys in cursed treasure 3. I think it must be only towers.

    But i’ll play to it whatever !

    • Hey, thanks! There was a lot of negative comments about the playable characters under the demo video on YouTube and on Armorgames – the players are afraid that this feature will require a lot of micromanagement and kill the fun. We will try to set up the game balance so that it won’t happen.

  6. What have you done……….This game is a bit of a step up from the others… an overly big step up. The others used to be simple-ish with nice and simple art, but this, this is just too much, sorry not sorry

  7. It looks good. Graphics and gameplay in the video sample reminded me of Takeover. That was a nicely done, original game I also enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop CT. As well as towers it looks like you’re going to have some “barracks” or infantry? Is that correct?

    I’ll be sorry not to be able to play it in my browser though.

    • Hi! We do not plan to have barracks, though there will be unit fights. There will be heroes in the game and each hero will have support units.

  8. Glad to see you are still here! 😀

    I really hope the best for you guys, and I’ll probably buy this on Steam because I love you for giving me so much fun, but (like DimuMurray, I’m not pretty sure I like the direction you’re going with the saga) what I really would like to buy is the original game + its level pack (I really love them! 😀 the second game had better graphics and was more refined, but I still like the first much more ^^) + the possibility for players of creating new levels, that would be an instabuy for sure! 😀 Is there any possibility of you doing something similar? If it’s too much work maybe you could just port those games to Steam (without making the level editor I suggested) and put them at a very cheap price (like 1$) so the people wouldn’t complaint. Not sure if it’s a good idea or a bit crazy, but depending of how much work is involved it could be somewhat profitable.

    Best wishes ^^

    • Hey! We can port part 2 to Steam without too much efforts, because it is made with OpenFL. Part 1 is Flash, but probably we could make an exe from the Flash sources, not sure if it has sense though… But we have to finish Part 3 first, that may take quite some time.

      Level editor sounds fun, we’ll discuss if we can make it either for part 1 or 2. There can be no level editor for part 3 due to the fact the every level is a big picture and not a set of tiles.

      We heard several times that people prefer part 1, but seems like we can’t understand, why. Can you please try to explain, please? %D Probably we’re missing something essential…

      • I agree with Juan, I always go back to playing the original and/or the level pack expansion.

        Since you’re looking for feedback, I think the reason its so popular has to do with gameplay and level design. Its not as pretty as its successors but the levels just feels more balanced when you play them (well except for the wave 40 Boss on level 11…that dude always keeps me from getting a brilliant score.)

      • 1 is good for several reasons. Its much more of a relaxing, idle game. You can play it at work with minimal effort and enjoy pretty graphics and fun gems and level up slowly with every win or lose or micromanage it for extra firepower.

        2 is much more clustered. The screen gets cluttered with all the random crap they found, luck plays a huge role, lots of enemies can bypass most of your towers without micromanagement, and generally its no longer a game you can play to relax. Not that there’s no benefit to the tactical gameplay but it could do with some streamlining. I enjoyed a lot

        For 3 I’d like large pretty towers and gems, small numbers of pretty heroes (micromanaging troops sounds less fun) auto pickup of a lot of items, and generally a lesser role for luck. More varied levels are good too. 2 had more variety than 1 but a lot of levels and bosses were samey.

  9. Glad to see that progress is being made on the game but I’m not sure I like the direction you’re going in when it comes to game mechanics.

    Instead of focusing on what makes Cursed Treasure unique and building on that, the game seems to concentrate more on integrating some of the more popular tropes of the genre (heroes and squads). I would have liked to have seen you build more on your terrain-matched-to-tower mechanic which is unique to your games. Now that you have a hexagonal layout, you could have introduced a proximity mechanic where the types of (up to six) towers surrounding a given tower can influence its the abilities. For example, if an Orc tower is surrounded by (3 or more) Demon Towers the projectiles of the Orc tower could inflict fire damage.

    I hope your dev team spends more time on improving and expanding those mechanics that distinguish your game from others.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      Our target platform for Cursed Treasure 3 is Steam so we think we need a good leap forward in the game quality, including new (probably new in our game hehe) features, improved art and other things, like a story line.

      We thought of that towers match feature btw, but since the terrain color is preset, the player won’t have much choice, we would prefer something more strategic. But you’re right – we must focus on our unique features. At the same time, we believe that the features that exist in other games won’t harm CT. At least we’ll do our best to achieve that!

  10. I knew it! You are still working! Guys it is awesome!
    I hope it will be able in Steam.

    P.S. Is there closed beta test for your fans? 😀


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