Battalion Commander is now on PlayStation!

A couple of years ago some guy found me in Skype and asked if we could give the sources of our Battalion Commander game so that they could port it to PlayStation Vita. We thought — why not, so we signed a licensing contract, packed the sources and sent them to SPL — this is the company that decide to port the game. And then nothing 🙂

Years passed, we forgot about this deal. Recently my Skype account got hacked and spam was sent to all my contacts so I had to send apologies to all of them. And so I bumped into the guy from SPL and asked him if there is any progress with the game. And he told me that the game is ready and will be released soon!

So this happened — Battalion Commander is now on PS Vita and PS4.

I don’t know how will the game do there, but this is already great.

Check out this launch trailer btw:

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