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We have visited a lot of gamedev events, including several DevGAMMs (formerly FlashGAMM). But this time it’s different. We will showcase Cursed Treasure 3 at DevGAMM:Minsk! So in case you’re in Minsk, come visit us on December, 11th at table #B3 from 15:00 till 18:00.

DevGAMM conference allows any developer to showcase a game for free. Yes, no charge! We have never tried to showcase our games before, so we decided to take this opportunity. Cursed Treasure 3 is still in alpha, and we had to set specific goals to get the version ready for the showcase. I must say, this was a great experience already, because we pulled the game features together and got a solid playable demo. So whatever happens at the conference, we’re already happy %)

We have been developing Cursed Treasure 3 in association with Armorgames for quite some time already and there were almost no information published anywhere, except for a level screenshot on our Facebook page. We plan to change it. The showcase is a good first step 🙂

See some details about the game submission process below.

First of all, we submitted several games for the awards. The games were Road Of Fury 2, Tequila Zombies 3 and Gods Of Arena. DevGAMM allows one game per ticket, and we had 3 tickets. We were not ready to submit Cursed Treasure 3 at that time – the game submission process requires a video, and we didn’t have a good version to record the video yet. None of the games made it to the finals btw. The competition is really high, because the conference focus shifted from Flash games, so it’s hard to compete with desktop and mobile games. But this represents the current situation on the game market – Flash games is just a shrinking niche, it fights for the players’ attention against mobile and desktop games.

It was only 3 days till the submission deadline when we finally made a good build to record the video. The build was for Mac to let us capture the video easier and then process it in iMovie. This is what we got:

It was too late when I realized that the resolution could be better… We also made a logo – we started it earlier, so it’s not just a quick thing. The logo is still in progress though 🙂


We also made a very quick icon, that is not as good as the logo 🙂 With all these materials we were ready to submit and then… I realized that the showcase submission process is the same as the awards submission. That meant we couldn’t submit Cursed Treasure 3, because we had used all our tickets! That was shocking, because the deadline was close. Fortunately I managed to contact the conference stuff and they removed Road Of Fury 2  from the awards to let us submit Cursed Treasure 3.

Submitting a game doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to the showcase. The conference stuff may decide to pass on your game based on the game quality and the space availability. There are paid exhibitors, who have the priority, of course. We were not sure that our game will make it. Several days after the submission deadline we still didn’t have any update…

And then suddenly (after several twits and e-mails %) we got a message, confirming that we’re in!!! …and a request for the promo image that had to be delivered right away… and it was 6 pm… and our artist made the image really quick:

promo cursed treasure

It appeared to be pretty cool, so we made pocket calendars based on this image to give away at the conference.

We’re leaving for Minsk tomorrow, there will be a new post when we come back! Stay tuned…

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  1. Damn cant read that, switch this to english!!!! 😀 Nice nice the new demo! Looks like CIV5, just better (and cooler)!


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