Cursed Treasure 3 is on hold

We haven’t posted about Cursed Treasure 3 progress for quite some time already and people are asking about the progress here and there, so here is the update. Cursed Treasure 3 development is on hold for almost a year already. The reason for that is simple – we run out of development budget and the game is not good even for open beta. We hoped to have a build with at least 6 levels to launch Early Access on Steam, but that didn’t happen.

What we have at the moment:

  • 3 levels playable, but not fully balanced
  • squads system working, but not polished
  • some art: title screen, logo, characters, towers, map etc.

The development may only continue if we find some funds. We are partnering with ArmorGames, so they may secure some funds for that sooner or later. We tried to get some money from Cursed Treasure 2 too – it was ported to Steam and Android, but the income from these versions is not sufficient.

We thought about crowdfunding, but unfortunately Kickstarter doesn’t work in Russia. IndieGoGo does, but will require some extra efforts and fees because we’ll have to use PayPal, and the chances to be funded are worse on IndieGoGo, we believe.

We showcased the game on DevGamm conference 2 times and the players were not very excited (same as these who commented on YouTube videos), seems like the game will need serious revision, if we find funds to continue.

The reasons for the game to run out of budget are (as we see it):

  • We focused the features that we thought are important, like squads, and spent too many times there. We should focus on the core gameplay elements instead: towers, enemies, skills etc. Besides these who played the Alpha didn’t like squads…
  • We tried to rise the art quality bar and probably set it a bit too high and spent too much time polishing art. This includes the levels art that is one big picture – probably we should have stick to tile system instead.
  • Project management was not good. We should have planned more careful and control the milestones goals more strict.

Hope we’ll be able to continue one day, fix all the issues and make a great game that will become the best installment in Cursed Treasure series!

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  1. Firstly: there has to be a way for you to get on Kickstarter. SUPERHOT was funded there, and it’s placed in Poland, so there shouldn’t be many differences in that regard.
    Also: Armor Games could launch the KS campaign in your name, which would be completely 100% fine.
    Secondly: I hope you will get the moneyz you need and we will get Cursed Treasure 3 some day.
    Last: It’s great to hear you listen to feedback – that gives a lot of hope that when CT3 launches it will be great 😀


    1. 1) Yeah, there are some workarounds, like partnering with someone from the eligible country. It involves some service fees ofc…
      ArmorGames refused to set up Kickstarter campaign on our behalf – they don’t want to be in charge if we get the money and don’t release the game.
      2) Thanks! %D Yes, we do listen to feedback and understand that we must change the game dramatically.


  2. Guys I appreciate your honest announcement but you broke my heart. That is so sad.

    I hope you will find some ways to solve these obstacles. Your project seems like a first one which can supported by me on Kikstarter or other any crowdfunding site else 🙂

    I wish you good luck!


  3. Hey!

    I really hope you guys get the funds for this! Cursed Treasure was my favorite flash game by a long shot, rivaled only by Kindom Rush. It sucks that ArmorGames won’t set up a kickstarter; your first 2 games are evidence enough that there is some real talent at work.

    I noticed a comment back on an older post by you guys asking why it was that CT1 was better-received than CT2, and I think I know why. CT1 was a game that took a simple idea: having 3 tower types that could only be built on certain areas, and did a lot with it. CT2 added a bunch of stuff, but it lost that key idea, and so it was less organized.

    For CT3, I would expand further on the system: perhaps there is a fourth type of land with its own tower, and a “swampland” where everything can be built but it deals 75% damage. To incorporate the mechanics with squads, perhaps squads change based on the kind of ground they stand on. I feel this is the reason squads weren’t well received: they don’t mesh with the towers well, they don’t add to the current systems. If you made it so the land and the towers affect the squads, I feel they could be salvaged.

    I hope that whatever happens, this project can be completed, because Cursed Treasure was awesome!


    1. Thanks!
      Really hope we’ll be able to proceed with the game development one day 🙂
      Yes, we understood already that CT3 needs some serious revision from the player’s comments and from the feedback we got during showcases. So the first thing we do if we proceed, is the generation of the ideas for the core gameplay.


  4. hello,

    well Cursed treasure 3 would be a good new
    if you can gain money with my new CT2 maps, no problem for me

    once all is done, I will send you all the files, you can count on me, if this can let you have some extra money
    maps are compatible with steam version so maybe it can help

    see you


  5. Hello from south of Brazil. Cursed Treasure is one of the best TD games I’ve played. Congratulations on the great work. Put the first Cursed Treasure and level pack expansion on Steam. The original Cursed Treasure remains great.


  6. Greetings from Brazil!

    Cursed Treasure is the best TD i’ve played and i’m really looking foward for the third installment! Really hope you guy get back to full force soon!

    PS: please, if possible, discard squads and try to inovate in other areas like maybe a fourth tower type, more tower upgrades, new enemies, and more waves per mission!

    Anyway thank you for the first two games, they’re classics!


  7. Thanks for the update!
    Cursed treasure 1 and 2 are the best flashgames i,ve played and i’ve replayd both multiple times.

    I agree with your assesment, the strenght with your games is that they are easy to understand but hard to master.
    Adding to much is not a sure way to make a better game, just working on honing the existing systems with new levels would do just fine and i think the fans would love it.

    best of luck in the future, hoping to play CT3 one day 🙂


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